I finally got a chance to try the Long Pink Shapewear that I bought from Diva’s Curves a few weeks ago. This is maximum support full torso shapewear, and is a compression support garment.

I found their size chart gave an accurate fitting garment–so no need to return on my first try! The garment feels heavy coming out of the box, but it is full length and lighter than other compression garments I have tried. I followed their instructions on how to put the garment on, and they work very well. I was very pleased with the resulting silhouette! I could wear this under a clingy knit dress and be very happy with the look. The fabric is soft and the garment is well made and looks durable.

I run hot, and found the garment to be pretty warm. But also more comfortable and better air circulation than other garments in the same class. It’s made from two to three layers of shaping fabric rather than a single layer of very dense shaping fabric that I have worn in other compression shapewear, so I can feel air moving around my torso when I move in the garment. The crotch opening is easy to work–a simple snap closure rather than the standard hook & eye closures. And the snap is a comfortable spot. I am 5″6′ with average torso length, and the legs are a bit long. The garment actually fits me much like it fits the model in the photo on their website:

I think I can alter that a bit so it’s not bunching at the knee. Still, not a garment to wear under a shorter skirt as it will show when you sit. It also does magical things to my butt! So under a midi or maxi dress that hugs your curves, this would give you a great, smooth silhouette.

If you are used to wearing compression shapewear, I think this is a garment you would be happy to wear all day. For those of us who are not used to this level of support, it’s perfect for an event. I would not want to travel in it, nor sit at a desk all day either. But I am not one to wear compression shapewear all day or as a training garment. Comparing price to its competition, the base retail price is comparable. The sale price of $85 is a bargain.

I am happy with my purchase, and am off to design a knit dress to wear with it!

March 9, 2015: Quick update

Just a few points to clarify about this review. I reviewed this garment as a shapewear option. It is designed to support the body post surgery, and I have no experience in this area to review the garment for this purpose. Also, I purchased this on my own. This is not a solicited review.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on shapewear, particularly if you have found a shaping garment that you love. Please comment!


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