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Shapewear Compression Garments & Waist Trainers

Diva’s Curves brings to you the promise of perfect fit along with a smooth, seamless technology that supports you underneath your clothing. A brand dedicated to crafting smart Top of the line quality Shapewear - Post Surgical Compression Garments - Plus Size Shapewear garment collections for women, we are proud of the versatility that we are able to offer.
The knowledge and thorough understanding of shapewear needs that we have accumulated over the years, empowers us to ensure a blend of comfort and functionality in every design that we develop. While the sizes of a body shaper at Diva’s Curves can reach up to 5XL, their comfortable close fit makes women feel confident in every dress that they put on.

Our product range also branches out into post surgical compression garments that are specifically crafted for facilitating a speedy recovery after complex procedures like liposuction. We have engineered our own fabric; the top of the line, high quality and multi-layered, breathable material is designed with an advanced pattern technique, to make every pair of Diva's Curves Shapewear Compression Garments, unlike anything else.

All the Divas Curves offerings are made with the finest fabrics that allow a perfect silhouette that is required to go invisible under regular clothing. And even though every piece flattens the bulges and supports the back, it does not compromise on the freedom of movement once worn. This flexibility is possible only because of their special lightweight structure and intelligent contours that are meant to make your curves look much fitter and better.

The Diva’s Curves Signature Waist Trainer

1- The Diva’s Curves Signature Celebrity Waist Trainer with a revolutionary advanced pattern technique design to show off your curves and sculpt your waistline. This is the most comfortable waist trainer with multi-layered material, which offers maximum compression for an instant-slimming hourglass figure. It tightens and tones abdominal muscles, immediately flattens your tummy, curves your waist and improves your posture. Additionally it supports your skin while you are losing weight, increases circulation, and controls appetite.

2- Diva’s Latex Sport Pro Waist Trainer maximizes any fitness routine by giving you faster results to sculpt your figure. The latex causes you to sweat more with any exercise: sports, weightlifting, walking/running, yoga and many other physical activities. Since correct posture is essential in most exercises, not only for preventing injuries but fully maximizing the workout, this waist trainer becomes your personal trainer. For maximum results, use this sport waist trainer in conjunction with a consistent workout routine and a healthy diet.

3- Diva's Gala Waist Trainer - THE RED CARPET´S BEST KEPT SECRET - Corrects posture and lifts bust. The Gala Waist Trainer features the most elegant fabrics with lingerie lace for any special occasion! Molds your body comfortably. Celebrity’s waist trainers are their armor on the red carpet, it makes them feel locked and loaded--it makes them feel solid. They’re jiggle-proof and wardrobe-malfunction-proof. It gives them an air of confidence.

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