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Full Body Shapewear Compression - Post Surgical Garments – Long Pink - Limited Sizes Available

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Diva's Curves

Full Body Shapewear Compression - Post Surgical Garments – Long Pink - Limited Sizes Available
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$ 95.00
For best fit, please measure your underbust/hips & reference the chart above.
Due to higher manufacturing costs for plus sizes, prices may increase.

Diva's Curves Compression Shapewear Long Pink


Diva’s Curves Presents: Full Body Shapewear Compression - Post Surgical Garments – Long Pink 

Diva’s Curves offers one of the best Shapewear Compression Garments in the industry. Serving as a foundation shapewear compression from the red carpet to everyday wear. Our products are doctor recommended while giving you the support you need for a speedy recovery after a tummy tuck or liposuction procedure.

Diva’s Curves is a family-owned Shapewear boutique located in Los Angeles. You will receive your order in 2-3 days. We provide consultation to women for occasions including weddings, red carpet events, postpartum, and after a major surgery, like liposuction or a tummy tuck.

Free consultation on the phone, Need assistance? We are here to help! Contact us by email to schedule appointment at sale@divascurves.com

High Quality and Superior Design

All the garments made by Diva’s Shapewear are constructed from only the highest quality, multi-layered, breathable material for maximum comfort all day long. All our garments are designed with an advanced pattern technique that gives you a cool, dry feeling even during intense exercise.

No more uncomfortable sweating and wetness to struggle with!

Additionally, we incorporated our unique, open crotch design which allows for comfort and convenience. You can wear your compression wear all day long and not have to worry about agonizing over pulling it up and down every time you need to use the bathroom.

Perhaps the best feature of all is our incredibly smooth, durable material that ensures that the garment is invisible under even the most form-fitting clothing. No one needs to know that you’re wearing compression garments to give your body and confidence a boost, all they’ll see is a sexy, feminine physique and a confident woman.

Our full-body shapewear provides compression coverage and support with maximum comfort to women of all shapes and sizes. particularly those who are plus size.

Our full-body shapewear provides compression coverage and support with maximum comfort to women of all shapes and sizes, particularly those who are plus size.

We designed our compression garments to give you maximum shaping in all your problem areas. We bring you contouring coverage from your thighs to your under bust in one convenient, comfortable garment. What more could you ask for?

The days of trying to mask your curves behind baggy, ill-fitting clothing are gone. We believe women should embrace their curves and show them off in the most flattering way possible. Diva’s Curves shapewear helps you to maximize your assets.

We want you to be unafraid to show up in the world just as you are and be proud of the body you have. Our specially designed shapewear gives you the boost of confidence you need to rock any look.

Your Post-Surgical Shapewear Solution

If you’re planning a major surgery, or recently had one, you’ll need high quality compression shapewear to help you recover quickly and keep you looking and feeling great throughout the process.

When it comes to post-surgical shapewear, Diva’s has you covered! Whether you’re having a tummy tuck, liposuction, or a thigh lift, our scientifically engineered shapewear will have you on the road to a smooth recovery faster than you thought possible.

The best part is, you’ll look and feel fantastic during your recovery. You’ll be able to confidently wear the clothing of your choice, even during the sometimes difficult post-surgical period.

The Highest Quality Compression Shapewear On The Market

When the team here at Diva’s Curves set out to create high quality shapewear for women with curves, we did so with the goal of making our garments stronger and more comfortable than any other option out there.

How’d we do this? We designed our pieces with an advanced pattern technique that sucks you in, smooths you out, and keeps you cool and comfortable all day long.

Additionally, these pieces are built to last. We’ve seen too many garments start to pill and fall apart at the seams after just a few washes and wears. No more wasting money on cheaply constructed shapewear!

We implemented an open crotch design to avoid the annoyance of having to pull your shapewear up and down every time you need to use the bathroom. We truly designed our garments to be comfortable and convenient for all day wear.

Diva’s Curves Compression Shapewear Sizing

All our designs were made with the plus female body in mind, however, please note that our garments do run small. Check out our sizing chart to make sure you are getting the best fit for your body.

The key to amazing looking and feeling shapewear is the right fit. Please take the time to take your measurements so that you can be sure you’re ordering the proper size for your physique.

These measurements should include; waist circumference, under bust (upper waist to under bust), and hips. These numbers will tell you what size shapewear will fit you like a glove.

There’s nothing worse than too big or too small under garments. Not only are they uncomfortable, but they’re unflattering, and defeat the whole purpose of shapewear. Do yourself a favor and take your measurements and reference our chart before ordering. You’ll be glad you did!

Women Come In All Sorts of Shapes and Sizes, So Should Your Shapewear!

Curvy female bodies come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some plus size women are busty with slim hips, while other ladies have a voluptuous bottom and a tiny waist. Diva’s Curves represents all shapes and sizes by providing quality shapewear made for every body type.

We want women to be able to dress in a way that expresses who they are and makes them exude confidence. We believe in flaunting your body, not hiding it!

With the addition of a great piece of compression shapewear from Diva’s Curves to your closet, you can feel confident and look great in anything you wear!



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