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Blog from THE REAL SAMPLE SIZE. A Full - Figured Canvas for Fashion. Hey Diva's.... Let me reintroduce Diva's Curves

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Blog from THE REAL SAMPLE SIZE. A Full - Figured Canvas for Fashion

Hey Diva's.... Let me reintroduce Diva's Curves MONDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2019

Hey Diva's! Yes, we are all Diva's in our own way. When I am in Diva mode, I feel the sexiest no matter what I am wearing. Lately, my attire as been athletic or athleisure wear. When you are in the midst of a lifestyle change, your attire change as well. I am so happy that Diva's Curves has me covered....literally. Diva's Curves has launched a Compression Line that is perfect for my lifestyle.

Let’s get into these pieces! The Sports Compression Bra is a wireless sports bra with a front zipper. The construction is very well made and sturdy to help support the girls. This sports bra is ideal on my low to medium impact days at the gym. The band on the bra is amazing as it stays in place throughout the workout. Hello construction again. It’s so hard to find a well constructed sports bra that can support a F Cup. In addition to the comfort of the Compression Bra, it provides maximum back coverage to smooth out any concern. With a wide shoulder strap, this bra was made with the fuller chest in mind.

Moving on to my favorite piece in the collection, The Sports Compression Leggings (SCL). I love the feeling of being snug yet comfortable in Athleisure/Athletic wear. Being supported during high impact classes are vital to my workout regimen, the Sports Compression Leggings supersedes my expectations. With a high waist cut and thick waist band, the SPL stays in place during cardio and high impact days. I mean, what more can a girl really ask for right? Not to mention the structure of the leggings are phenomenal. Honestly, I believe the SCL has a secret heat tech imbedded in them. While working out, the leggings helped insulate my natural body heat to keep me warm. Check out my video right after a workout.

In addition to the Sports Compression Bra and the Sports Compression Leggings, Diva's Curves was also so gracious to send me a pair of the Shaping Compression Leggings. Ladies, if you live in the northern region, these leggings are a must. The Shaping Compression Leggings are ideal to for the Fall or winter as they are thick and full of coverage. These leggings would look great with your favorite chunky sweater or sweater dress. Do not worry about coverage, the thickness of the leggings will not expose your under garments.

I will like to thank the Diva's Curves Team for letting me review these fantastic pieces.


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