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Diva’s Curves Post Surgical Bra "The Healing Bra"

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Diva’s Curves Post Surgical Bra "The Healing Bra"

"The Healing Bra" Diva’s Curves Compression Bra offers medical-grade compression to reduce swelling, and to protect and stabilize the breast area during the breast surgery recovery period.

It features inside cup pockets to hold and keep breast prosthesis or ice packs securely in place.
Diva’s Curves Compression Bra is easy to close and stays shut with its hidden hooks and eyes and easy zippered front overlay. The shoulder straps are adjustable and are designed to stay put throughout the day.

Diva’s Curves Compression Bra is a bra you can count on to protect and facilitate healing as you recover from breast surgery, and at the same time, it provides great comfort and style with lace front detailing. And it's flattering fit will not show under clothing.

85% nylon + 15% Spandex

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