Diva's Curves Plus Size Shapewear, Post Surgical Compression Garments For Post Surgical Recovery. For women who loves to do there research to find the right garments, please take the time to read the reviews and watch the videos.

Diva's Curves Plus Size Shapewear, Post Surgical Compression Garments For Post Surgical Recovery. For women who loves to do there research to find the right garments, please take the time to read the reviews and watch the videos.

Cosmetic surgeries such as liposuction and any kind of lifts have side effects that are not too easy to get rid of. Every woman wants to look beautiful and feel confident at the same time. This calls for Post Surgical Compression Garments and liposuction garments since it is quintessential to heal and recover from the after effects of such surgeries. Diva’s Curves Surgical shapewear compression garments help in facilitating your speedy recovery of surgical procedures such as liposuction, thigh-lift, tummy tucks/abdominoplasty, C- Section, gastric by-pass, etc.

With Liposuction, there is always a certain amount of blood-tinged anesthetic solution, which remains beneath the skin where the layer of fat has been suctioned. Typically, Liposuction of any sort may cause bruising and swelling which are not very pretty to look at.

Diva’s Curves Post Surgical Compression Garments and liposuction garments are designed to promote speedy recovery, allowing rapid drainage of the residual blood-tinged tumescent anesthetic solution from beneath the skin, by pushing out any of the blood-tinged anesthetic solution into the body’s blood vessels. This, in return, helps you get in shape at a faster rate and release the nonessential entities from your body.

If a compression garment is not used, you will slow down the lymphatic drainage process which could be harmful. Avoiding the fluid collection during this phase of the healing process is critical and the liposuction garment which you choose for yourself plays a vital role in maintaining your body.

The main purpose of the shapewear compression garments during the next phase of healing is to support the rebound and shrinkage of the skin. As the skin is stretched more and more by swelling, it becomes difficult for the skin to return to its preoperative state, unless proper care is taken. Make sure you choose the right garment for your body. A surgery is a one-time procedure but the right garment will help you maintain the body that you have always desired.

The benefits of our Compression garments on the sub-dermal layers include the following:

Lymphedema (fluid retention) is reduced by flushing potentially harmful fluids from your body.
Reduces fluid build‐up in sub-dermal surgical lipectomy area
Reduces risks of fluid pockets in specific areas. Increases blood circulation
Promotes proper skin adhesion to newly contoured areas and smoother skin contour.
Holds surgical dressings in place until removed.
Improves comfort during the healing process.

 Name: Tiffany J
Feb 26, 2017
"I am recovering from fibroid removal surgery and have tried several different garments to help with the discomfort. I was worried about ordering something online but this by far has been the best purchase I have made! Thank you so much for making a product that does what it is supposed to do! I cannot tell you what a difference this has made for me. For the first time since my surgery I am comfortable standing up straight and it has made my return to work so much easier!
Diva's Curves Post Surgical Compression Garments play an important role in facilitating your speedy recovery and provide support to the entire surgical region without compromising your comfort."

Nov 30, 2016 from Desiree
"I wanted to say I am a post op patient of Tummy tuck and muscle repair. I have order 3 garments and binders from even medical company's with the sizing being way off ( too small) and poor quality and over priced. I just received my order today I literally cried when it fit and for the first time in 7 weeks I have full support on my looooong abdomen. I Will be ordering more and sharing your product with other plastic surgery patients. It is truly amazing and thank you for not charging hundreds. You have no idea how grateful I am, I wish I had found you sooner."


Simone. May 18, 2016 -Georgia

Nurse Review of Diva's Curves Compression Shapewear.

I worked as a Nurse for fourteen years and a Nurse Practitioner for two years. I am a mother of four and like many other women who bought countless amount of shape wear and had to return them or waste my money. I was very skeptical about buying another shape wear, but I did. I received my Divas Curves today and was so happy, excited, and speechless. Diva Curve shape wears is the best. The straps are adjustable unlike the others that cut into your shoulders; it truly compresses, and gives you curves. I am telling you women this is the best investment you will make. Oh, I forgot to mention that it is worth the price.

Cheryl Gregory.South Florida. April 14, 2016

I ordered a compression garment from two other companies, in the same size and neither of them fit. Only the garment from Diva's was true to size and fit perfectly. The other garments were one layer of very heavy material, which would be very hot in South Florida. The Diva's garment was lighter, and multi-layered so it is breathable, but still provides the same level of compression. I was very impressed by the quality of the garment, but most of all by the incredible customer service of this company. Soad took the time to speak to me before my order, and once I placed the order he rushed it to the post office. He followed up with a phone call as soon as he saw that I had received the delivery, to make sure that the garment fit and that I was happy. It is rare to find that level of customer service and I won't hesitate to go back to Diva's for my stage 2 garment!

Diva's Curves to the rescue!!... Tara O. S. Los Angeles, CA March, 2016

Customer Appreciation Letter:- I just want to say a huge thank you for saving the day with my post surgical compression garment. My doctor had a cancellation and could fit me in at the last minute and I needed a garment quickly. The one I ordered from Amazon Prime was 3 sizes too small and I didn't have time to reorder. Diva's Curves to the rescue!! After some online searching, I found Diva's Curves and I am so thankful to the owner for personally coming to my home on a Sunday afternoon to fit me for my garment. It absolutely saved the day for me! The medium fit me before the lipo, but the large was definitely a better fit after I had the procedure, due to the swelling. Even my surgeon was impressed with the quality of the garment. Thanks so much for saving the day for me! I so appreciate it!!


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