In my ever search of the perfect shapewear I came across the compression garments from Diva’s Curves. I’ve never tried a compression garment and was a little skeptical on it’s comfort and ability to be hidden under my form fitted dresses.
Measurements without compression garment: 49 – 44 – 55 Height: 5’0
I reviewed their size chart and was concerned on how they would fit my short torso and girth. I messaged the company and was immediately given further information on what size would best fit me. The long garment would fit like a “capri” on my short stature and was recommended to purchase the short garment as I normally wear short dresses. It’s important that you choose the correct size as it’s non-returnable due to the garment being used for post medical purposes. We decided that the 3XL was the right size for me.
The delivery came FAST as they are local and came professionally packaged. It arrived at the end of my very long day at work but I couldn’t wait to try it on. I clocked out and headed to the restroom to try it on. I have long nails and did take me a tiny bit of wiggling to get in to. There are hooks (like a bra) and once I got those hooked the zipper was very simple to zip up.
Let me tell you right now… I’ve NEVER worn anything this soft and with such STRENGTH that worked on my waist, flattened AND lifted my tummy as well as even out the rolls on my back AND lift my buttocks. In ADDITION it helped lift my bosom, gave me added back support AND will you believe that the back pain/discomfort that I had only a few minutes ago lessened?! I was BLOWN AWAY!
Can you feel the EXCITEMENT from my experience? How about the added claims that the compression garment – when worn daily – will help reshape your body in to a more toned one! I’ve only worn it for a few days and can’t attest to this last statement as of yet but will keep you updated in the coming months.
So, you have ALL these benefits and then I worried about the shapewear showing through my fitted clothing. I tried on my thinnest of dresses and you CAN’T SEE ANY telltale sign of this garment being worn underneath. Not the zipper or a single line what so ever.
The garment is very well made and expect a long life and usage from it. The material is breathable and it didn’t bite in to my skin – not around my thighs nor any other place on my body. I have worked out in it and worn it for 24 hours straight and my overly sensitive skin never reacted or gave me issues as it normally does with my previous shapewear.
I gave you ALL the Pros and now for my own personal Con *WARNING: TMI Moment Coming At You*:
The garment is “full body” – which means it’s not made to be taken off when you need to go to the restroom. It is crotch-less with a significant opening to not have any issues doing your business with a sturdy snap button to keep the piece together . If you’re used to croth-less undies or thongs then this won’t be an issue. As for myself, I am not and it is something I’m getting used to.
I’m really letting it all out in this review as I believe you need to see the product on a short round body such as mine and feel confident on what you are investing your money in knowing my full experience. As I’ve stated before there is a well sized opening on their crotch-less design and should not be a problem with most people. I recommend using super stretchy undies you can pull out of the way such as thongs, crotch-less undies and such.
In the following picture you can see the opening as it fits on my 55″ hips with a modesty black bar covering the middle. I’m hoping this helps put your worries to rest and take the plunge in trying out this product that has made a huge and immediate impact to my health.
*This summer the company is releasing a slip design that I am looking forward to trying out


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