Plus Size Women, Why should you consider Diva’s Curves Plus Size Body Shaper before you order your Shapewear?


 Plus Size Women, Why should you consider Diva’s Curves Plus Size Body Shaper before you order your Shapewear?

Diva’s Curves owned and design by plus size women, we listened to women who complained about their Shapewear, lacking support and being downright unattractive. Some are not happy with the fitting while the others are not satisfied with the material of the garment.


A very common issue with shapewear that women use is that they do not get one in the perfect size; a piece that does the magic of making their bodies look better in shape. Sounds familiar by any chance? Well not anymore.


We set out to construct the perfect a Shapewear Compression garment that significantly slims and shapes a woman’s body and provide the style and comfort that every woman deserves.

We chose top-of-the-line, multi-layered material that is both absorbent and breathable, for all day and all night comfort. Diva’s Curves Plus Size Full body shaper garments are sleek and sexy, and so comfortable that you can dance the night away. Best of all, we use the smoothest, most durable material that makes them invisible even under your tightest, most form-fitting fashions and give you an all-new level of confidence without the fear of showing the lining of your inner garment. Here’s the icing that tops the cake. You can choose from a wide range of shapewear sizes that we offer!

Here some of reviews from real buyers who used our Shapewear Garments.

BEAUTIFUL (but I goofed!)

Sue on Dec 24, 2018

Like many other purchasers, I did a ton of research to find DIVAs Curves and felt that their compression garments were the best out there. I followed the sizing chart and ordered two in my true size and one in the next larger size because after my TT surgery, I would most likely be a little swollen. This was SMART! They arrived quickly and the quality just blew me away! How can compression garments be sexy? These are!!! But here's where I goofed...big time and I am just kicking myself for doing this-so ladies, don't do what I did! I hand washed the garments in woolite and cold water and hung them to dry in my shower. The black garment was touching the two pink garments and left DYE SPOTS of black all over my two beautiful pink garments. I tried soaking them individually and it didn't help - so I picked up a packet of dye remover thinking it would take out the black spots - but all it did was fade the gorgeous pink to a strange color here and there. So, I am just sick about what I did, because, ladies, these are an investment! 
One last thing - there is no comparison on quality from the Diva's Curves product to the much less quality garment my doctor sent me home with - I am thrilled that I found this company on YouTube and that I ordered from them (and no, I didn't get paid anything for this review, LOL, and I don't ever take the time to do reviews - so that aught to tell you something!) You won't be disappointed - unless you wash the black with another color! :-)




Charlene on Nov 09, 2018

So I brought this because I was having 360 degree lipo done and the recovery calls for a compression garment. I searched high and low for a good quality garment, I researched material, reviews and companies( sorry, I've never had any surgery so I had to make sure) and I must say it is PERFECT !!! And hold me it did !! I had to sleep in this thing and it became like a second skin. You can wash it and it snaps right back. The fabric is breathable and it moves with you but never loses its hold. I am glad I did my research. Totally worth it! Totally perfect!



Danni on Dec 11, 2017

I've never embraced my curves until I put on the garment, I saw my natural curves. The material was breathable, I was able to wear the garment with a fitted long dress. The garments also lift in all the right areas, I am able to wear a bra and the garment works well with strapless too. I went down an entire size, by reading the size chart before purchasing my garment. The quality of the material I have ever worn, it is so comfortable. I have an office job and I am able to wear my garment 9-5, and still be able to wear it to dinner! 


Blown Away

Shanté on Mar 13, 2019

Seen the advertisement on FB and one of the reviewers said it was an investment. I checked out the website and said yessss this is an investment, and I'll be pissed if I waste my money. The package was just dropped off exactly 2.5 seconds ago. I immediately tried it on with this dress that I'll be wearing to this event next week and honnnnneeey chile!! This garment turned up the temperature on my dress!!! If there's anything I'm skeptical of it will be the hooks, but they don't seem to be a concern at this time, and I don't like that it rolls up a little at the bottom .. I thought it was cut more to fit like underwear. Anywho 5 🌟!!! I'll be orders the longer pair soon! Must buy!





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