Post-Surgical Compression Garments

A popular addition to our shapewear compression line is our post-surgical compression garments. These garments were designed to help support you after a major surgery, like liposuction or a tummy tuck.

We’re on a mission to provide plus size women with comfortable, flattering, post-surgical compression garments to aid them on their road to recovery.

Your post-surgical recovery may leave you feeling vulnerable, sore, and uncomfortable. We aim to ease your discomfort and support your healing by providing the best post-surgical shapewear compression garments on the market.

Procedures like liposuction can leave some women with bruising, swelling, and pain around the surgical area. Diva’s Curves designed plus size post-surgical shapewear that not only helps minimize your surgical aftermath, but makes you look and feel great while doing it.

Shapewear compression is recommended by many surgeons to be used as a tool to aid in the recovery of your body and the release of non-essential fluids.

Our shapewear was specifically engineered to:

  • Reduce fluid retention by flushing non-essentially fluids out of your body
  • Lower your risk of developing fluid pockets
  • Increase blood circulation to the surgical site
  • Keep surgical dressings in place
  • Promote comfort throughout the healing stages

We want women to not only recover from their surgery quickly and efficiently, we want them to look and feel confident while doing so. Our scientifically engineered post-surgical shapewear compression designs will have you on the road to recovery faster than you thought possible.

The Best Compression Leggings You’ve Ever Worn

Leggings should be two things; comfortable and flattering. Unfortunately for plus sized women, compression leggings tend to be anything but.

At Diva’s Curves we were sick of leggings that didn’t have any support, were uncomfortable, or required us to pull up on the waistband all day long. We knew there was a better way, so we created the best plus size compression leggings out there.

Our leggings are comfortable, providing just enough compression to suck you in, without feeling like a stuffed sausage. And our leggings are designed to stay in place all day long, even though high intensity exercise.

They’re the perfect mixture of comfort, style, and functionality. We know that women with fuller hips, thighs, and bottoms need extra support and contouring compression to smooth out their physique into the sexy hourglass we all desire. This is exactly what Diva’s Curves delivers with our high-rise compression leggings.


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