The best way the choose your Shapewear Compression Garments Size

The best way the choose your Shapewear Compression Garments Size.

Shapewear can make you look slimmer and sleeker in a cocktail dress, work clothes, or jeans and a T-shirt. If your shapewear Garment is too tight and it would push the fat in the wrong way, which was just not flattering. You don't have to wear something that will totally change your shape. You can should choose what spots, to target just your thighs, butt, tummy or multiple areas. 

How do you decide which will work best for your body and your wardrobe. Here's a guide to choosing the best shapewear for you. 

Finding Your Best Fit
Getting the proper measurements and size is very important to achieving the slender/sexy look you desire. Squeezing your body into shapewear that’s too small will ultimately create more rolls and bumps and even cause discomfort or physical pain in the process. This can become dangerous as it may also cut off circulation in certain parts of your body.
Shapewear Compression Garment Diva's Curves Measuring Chart.

Take the time to properly measure yourself to get the best shapewear the first time. The main measurements you will need for our shapewear will be your Upper Waist Underbust Size and Hips Size. These figures are essential when ordering your shapewear.


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