Worth every cent and more! Rating: 5 stars

Title: Worth every cent and more!
Rating: 5 stars
Author: Emma (starstrider@gmail.com)

I was very hesitant to order this, because I have had so many disappointing experiences with shapewear before. But my wedding is approaching and knew I needed something with some decent tummy control that would reduce the size of any bumpy bits underneath my gown. So I bit the bullet and ordered one.

SO GLAD I BOUGHT ONE. It fits perfectly, and is SO comfortable. We're in the middle of heatwave conditions right now, so I expected to be feeling hot and uncomfortable in this suit. But it is such a well ventilated and breathable fabric that I felt uncannily comfortable despite the heat when I first tried it on. Which is great news, because it's forecast to be pretty hot on my wedding day, and I was afraid I was going to melt!

The cut of the suit is perfect - it doesn't warp or bunch in any funny places when you move in it. It's pleasantly snug - like a second skin - and although it's layered it doesn't feel heavy or bulky at all. The supple fabric feels extremely supportive in all the right places, and doesn't hinder movement at all. The difference in my silhouette is quite impressive - my tummy is the flattest it's been in a long time!

Best of all, these babies are unshakeable. You can dance, run, jump, stomp, and shimmy to your heart's delight and never need to worry about anything shifting or rolling anywhere. Which means no unsightly wardrobe malfunctions spoiling your superfly look. When these babies say they've got your back, they ain't lying!



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