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1- The Diva’s Curves Celebrity Waist Trainer

Reviews of Diva’s Celebrity Waist Trainers, Waist Cincher

1- The Diva’s Curves Celebrity Waist Trainer with a revolutionary advanced pattern technique design to show off your curves and sculpt your waistline. This is the most comfortable waist trainer with multi-layered material, which offers maximum compression for an instant-slimming hourglass figure. It tightens and tones abdominal muscles, immediately flattens your tummy, curves your waist and improves your posture. Additionally it supports your skin while you are losing weight, increases circulation, and controls appetite.

Diva’s Celebrity Waist Trainer features:
Three hooks for maximum sizing flexibility

Nine quality flexible spiral steel boning

A unique design to show off your curves
Comfortable steel boning for maximum compression and hold
External high quality latex, silky spandex & nylon on the inside
High compression material.

offere in

Pink with Black Curve
Blue with Black Curve
Purple with Black Curve
Black with Pink Curve

2- Diva’s Latex Sport Pro Waist Trainer

2- Diva’s Latex Sport Pro Waist Trainer maximizes any fitness routine by giving you faster results to sculpt your figure. The latex causes you to sweat more with any exercise: weightlifting, walking/running, yoga and many other physical activities. Since correct posture is essential in most exercises, not only for preventing injuries but fully maximizing the workout. This waist trainer becomes your personal trainer. For maximum results, use this sport waist trainer in conjunction with a consistent workout routine and a healthy diet.
This Diva’s Waist Trainer features high quality latex on the outside, soft "Double Layer" cotton and spandex-nylon layers on the inside for maximum comfort and compression support. Exercising and a healthy diet are an important part of your training, which makes Diva’s Curves Waist Trainer perfect to complement your efforts.

*This product contains latex. If you are allergic or highly sensitive to latex, this product may not be suitable for you.

How to Clean Your Waist Trainer
Never machine-wash your waist trainer
Most waist trainers contain latex. Machine-washing your latex waist trainer will disfigure the latex, it will also be damaged by the chemicals used when machine washing.
How to properly wash your waist trainer.
Hand washing is recommended. Get a bowl of hot water, soft soap (shampoo works good) and a towel. Put a small amount of water and soap on your towel and softly rub the towel against the latex. Once you got every part of your waist trainer washed it is important that you put it up to dry. To fasten the drying process uses a dry towel to wipe the majority of water off.
Your waist Trainer should be completely dry before you wear it again. The steel boning needs to lay flat when not in use, don't bend it to fit somewhere as the steel if not dried and lay down flat could break and cause major discomfort when you wear it again.

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